The beauty in life may be captured in images, songs, and in writing. In current times it often feels as though written word is forgotten amongst the clutter that is the effervescent state of the internet. Staking a space within this chaotic existence can seem daunting at times, but the release that writing provides is one to revel in.

For this reason, I tame my attempts to remain structured and disciplined in my writing. Simply allowing the words to paint themselves onto the blank canvass of the page is something I find great joy in.

Ever since I can remember, writing has been a foundational part of my being. From the days of grade school I have found peace in this art form, and I implore you to do the same. No matter what media or form your art takes, expression should be a significant part of your life. Long ago I wrote music that others would resonate with, yet when I found myself writing music for the sake of others, I would pivot the trajectory as starkly as possible. While peer validation is a natural part of the human condition, I found great pleasure in writing what come directly from my being, in the form of music at least.

I take the same stance with writing. I've mentioned in previous entries that I may at some time form some structure of writing, but I am in no hurry. The greatest joy I may find from writing almost always flourishes from a state where I place as little bearing on the structure of my writing as possible. The most difficult endeavors I take in writing are those which require a prompt of some sort.

So, yet again I write another entry about writing. Maybe it's a gentle nudge to myself that if I keep writing in this form, I will eventually find some structure or discipline within, yet I do not seek it overtly.

Life is full of moments which require discipline and structure, and while I strive for this in nearly every other facet of my life, this is not the place nor time for it.

There is often underlying beauty in chaos that requires some alternate perspective to perceive, yet it is often overlooked.

As mentioned in a previous post, I intend to conclude each entry with a moment of beauty, and here it is:

Each time I write, I'm presented with the familiar blank canvas. Within intent, words simply flow from my fingertips and onto the screen. In some ways that itself is a miracle in itself. To express ones self in a pure form is not to be taken for granted. Even in times

A bit about the blog:

I've revisited the theming of this blog and opted for a more simplistic design. This mainly to ease the eyes of my readers, but also in part because my previous theme was incomplete, and each time I set out to write an entry, I was reminded of it's incompleteness. My approach on this blog was to create a space with the least possible friction and complexity, as I know very well that I create complexity in all other aspects in my life. There are plenty of times and places where complexity has it's purpose, but a space such as this certainly is not that.

Thank you for reading. If you have found my writing to be of interest to you, please create an account and subscribe via email to get receive new entries in your inbox.

Until next time.. stay interesting! :)

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