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Hi, I'm Epithet. Not really, but that's the name I'm going with on here.

While I was looking for another name to use on my blog I came across a word that, to put it roughly, means another word for a word, and it felt right. The word Epithet has multiple definitions, but the intended meaning of the name Epithet is this definition:

ep·​i·​thet | \ˈe-pə-ˌthet also -thət \ : characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing.


This is a personal blog where I will post updates, thoughts, writings, and maybe just share some stuff that I found interesting. I made this site because my experience on the internet has just not doing it for me anymore. Social media feels less personal, forums feel less like communities, and so on. In a way the web feels pretty generic. A place once filled with endless offerings of personalized home pages and limitless exploration now feels like a selection of a few generic options that compete to keep you captivated and satisfied with their offerings. This site is my attempt at contributing towards a more personal experience on the web.


Between lack of meaningful connections, algorithmically induced political arguments with family, infinite echo chambers of extremism, and meaningless positive affirmations incorrectly attributed to Abe Lincoln, I decided it was time to turn off the information fire-hose that we have come to know as the web.

I don't expect everyone to share that sentiment, but my hope is that my friends and family will (with some deliberate effort) engage with me on this site.

What now?

As of writing this, I have some plans for this blog. There will be a conveniently placed "Contact" page where you can do the equivalent of "posting on my wall". Each post I make on here will have a "Reply" section, where you can reply with a "comment". All the familiar facets of social media should exist here, albeit maybe not as straight forward and (as of writing this) not presented in a "calming blue" theme.

After some time, thought, and effort, I've decided against what I stated in the above paragraph. Possibly this will change in the future, but I've came to some conclusions that have deterred me from those ideas.

Alternatively, you can click the "follow" button up top and register your email address to receive blog posts via email. these posts will be sent from the email address epithet@srslyw.tf, which is also the email address you may contact me directly on.

Thanks for taking a break from your normal routine to read this.

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